12-22-08 Monday

B- 2 c coffee HC CO AS

L-1 1/2 thin slices of ham
1/2 c baked beans
1 stalk celery, 5 or 6 baby carrots, 1 broccoli stalk w/veggie dip
1" x 2" white cake

D-1 pork steak w/ one carb catchup
3/4 of a cucumber w/ vinegar
1 mini chocolate square

SN-1/2 c spaghetti squash w/ sauce
1 0z walnuts

WT= ? over slept and didn't weigh.

I feel like I'm holding on by my fingernails. I keep telling myself if I can hang on just a few more days I will go off plan for the one meal on Christmas and one meal on New Years day. I don't think it's working . :/


Vadim said...

Wow, how are you doing with your sugar now? Be careful please! Its not in any way lifethreatening, unless its diabetic coma. But it usually happens in uncontrollable cases. How did you feel before you passsed out? Did you know it was about to happen or you were just tired and boom?

NewVision said...

I'm doing okay Vadim, physically I'm not sure about mentally.
It really scared me. I wasn't sure how much til I've had some time to think it through. Now that I've thought about it and talked about it with my family. I'm thinking it could have been a seizure. My Mom suffered from them. What happened to me sure mirrored how she reacted to hers.
Since I had just taken my insulin, and I had already had 2 low episodes that day, I was sure (in the beginning) thats what it was tied to. Now, I'm not so sure.
The bad thing about it is, its hard for the doctors to know without a bunch of test. This may NEVER happen again.
Before I passed out I was perfectly fine then, I felt sick all of a sudden, like I was going to throw up. Then VERY dizzy and light headed. I was able to get my husband and son's attention. I didn't think I went completely out, but they both said I did. Hubby said I was VERY WHITE, cold and clammy, but I felt HOT!
I hope this NEVER happens to me again.
Thanks for caring.

Harry said...

I'm so sorry this happened to you, NewVision! I just figured out what was going on right now. :(

Did you see the doctor today? Did your doc have a hunch about what may have provoked this?

Were your mom's seizures diabetes-related? You didn't mention her as being one of your diabetic family members.

re: the holidays and your diet

All the more reason to "stick to your guns". Take extra, extra, extra good care of yourself at all costs!

I'll pledge to you that I won't eat ANY non-LC foods on Christmas. If I can do it, you can do it too! Let's show this holiday what we're made of! :)

sybilizedliving.wordpress.com said...

Yikes - how scary. Sounds like you and your family are taking good care of you.

I know what you mean about 'hanging on'....some days are just not as easy as others, are they? I guess each day we stick to our plan, it potentially is easier the next time. Like your day when you were craving McD's and once it was 10:30 - you knew you were in the clear at least for that day. What a good strategy.


NewVision said...

My Doctor is out until after the New Year holidays. I could go and see her NP. I think I'm just gonna wait and see the doctor after the holidays.
No my mom's seizures were not diabetes-related. Now that I've had time to think about it, I'm not sure that mine were either. Since I had had trouble with my sugar dropping twice that day and I had just taken my insulin, thats what I thought had happened to me. I thought it was the sudden drop that did it. Not actually going too low. Thought maybe I had hit a blood vessel or something. I don't know!!!!
Thanks for your pledge. I don't know if I can do that or not. I had always planned on going off for that one meal on Christmas and one for New Years. Can I think about it? LOL- I know this will sounds crazy to you, the thought of being able to go off for Christmas and New Years has been the ONLY thing keeping me on plan (or as close to it as I can) for the past few days.

Thanks for your concern and for visiting. It is more scary now that it is over than it was going through it. Sounds weird but true.
I'm still hang'in, buy my fingernails but I'm still in the tree. LOL

Vadim said...

Newvision sounds like it was a case of hyperglycemia! And the fact that you were pale and clammy hands dictates adrenalin caused anxiety. Once your adrenalin is up, cortisol goes up to deal with body panick and increases glucose right away! it sounds like a perfect hypoglycemia attack! Just please be careful.