12-18-2008 Thursday *

B- 2 c coffee HC CO AS
(382 cals - 5.2 carbs)

L- 2 oz walnuts (380 cals - 4 carbs)
2 oz cheddar cheese(240 cals - 0 carbs)
2 oz summer sausage (190 cals - 0 carbs)

D- 1 McDouble McDonald's(no bun) (240 cals - 4.5 carbs)
4 hot dogs (440 cals - 8 carbs)
w/ 2 T one carb catchup (10 cals - 2 carbs)
1 cup cauliflower w/ 1 T. country crock & 1 T. sour cream (107 cals -2.5carbs )

Total calories=1989
Total carbs=26.2

I also had 6 french fries and 1 bite of a butterfinger.
This is a picture that I took of all the Christmas candy that was again sitting by my cube. There was even more brought in after I took the picture. Cookies, Fudge, homemade donuts, etc. All these containers were heaping FULL. I didn't look too hard. I could smell it though. I DID NOT EAT A ONE OF THESE THINGS BROUGHT INTO THE OFFICE. ..... (YEA ME!!!!!)
The butterfinger was from my 2 year old niece who kept wanting to share with Auntie, she is so sweet. So I took a small bite.


pooti said...

Get back on the horse your very next meal, girl! You can do it. Tomorrow is another day and the best you can do is to move forward, learn from this event and make the next best choice! :hugs:

Vadim said...

Yeah, I agree with pooti!

NewVision said...

Hey Pooti and Vadim,
I guess I don't feel like I fell off plan by having 6 French fries and a small bite of my nieces candy bar. I actually thought I did pretty well not to have eaten ANY of the food that was in that picture. :) After all I was trapped with it for 9 hours straight.... Yeah me!!!!!! :)

But thank you so much for the encouragement. Thanks for stopping by.