11-25-08 Tuesday

B- 2 coffee w/HC CO AS

L- 1 coffee w/HC AS

D- (8:30 pm)
2 Bowls Veggie Soup
10 saltines
2 T butter
2 hotdogs
1 T Heinz one carb ketchup

SN- 1 c buttermilk

Wow, I really didn't mean to eat so late. I just got hung up and couldn't get home. I really wasn't hungry. Funny how that works huh? Good thing I still had some left over Veggie soup. I'm still trying to keep things low, I know I will be going over on Thursday and Friday (We have 3 Thanksgiving meals to get through) Found the One carb Ketchup at Wal-mart today. I was so happy.. It's good too!


Harry said...

Hey, New Vision.

How much coconut oil are you putting in your coffee? How does it taste? Is it pleasant or are you doing it for a specific effect? Or, both?

For instance, I add pure cocoa powder to my coffee. The taste is pretty good but I mainly do it for it's health effects.

An inquiring mind wants to know!


Erika said...

Hey that's fantastic! I'd get just as excited over 1g carb ketchup too lol

Great work in planning for those big dinners coming up. Make sure to report here how they go too - and good luck!

NewVision said...

Hey Harry,
I put 1 T. at a time in my coffee. It helps me to up my fat intake and also REALLY helps with hunger. I use the Extra Virgin CO from Walmart (you find it by the vitamins) I like the taste. I miss it when I don't add it. I have really noticed my skin is in much better shape now that I'm using it. I'm a diabetic and I have one foot that had REALLY bad dry skin. Since I have added in the CO, it has almost healed. The Cocoa and CO I think would taste good together. Let me know if you try it.
Erika, thanks for the encouragement! I'm planning on taking those two days and not worrying if I go a lil high on carbs. :)

Harry said...

Okay, New Vision. You have now officially become an adviser in the wacky science experiment I call my diet. ;-)

Starting soon, probably on Friday morning, I will try out this combination:

1 T of coconut oil, 2 T of cocoa, 1 tsp of instant coffee ... all mixed together in a glass of hot water.

I have no idea what that's all going to taste like. But, I know what I'll call it. It practically names itself.

The CocoChoco-Coffee. :)

Vadim said...

Harry and Newvision I will try it too. What a hell, party is on! I will call it my quicker morning picker upper!