07-07-13 Sunday (operation get organized)

B- 3 c coffee w/HC CO
1 Walmart sausage patty w/1 teaspoon PB and Walden Farms Pancake Syrup

L- * See below
3 bites Chicken salad
2 bites stuffing from devilled eggs

D- 1 Country style spare rib
1 T catsup
1/2 small bag of medley veggies
2 T. French onion dip

Sn- 1 tub SF Jello/whip cream
Ok, so today I'm declaring 'get organized' day.
I boiled up a dozen eggs, made 16 devilled egg halves (8 eggs)
I made Chicken Salad,  put 4 of the eggs in Chicken salad
I made 12 Revolutionary Rolls for burger buns etc.
Made up bags of Flax Pancakes.

In the Freezer I have homemade Spaghetti sauce made up and frozen into Gallon size zip lock bags. It already contains the cooked meat, onions and peppers.  Just have to add Bean sprout noodles, Spaghetti Squash noodles, Zoodles. 
I also have several Hamburger patties frozen ready to pop in the skillet to cook up.

This coming week I plan to have
1. Chicken salad
2. Grilled Chicken Fillet w/French onion dip
3. Salad w/grilled chicken, cukes, cheese, sunflower seeds w/Walden Farm dressing
4. left over Spahetti
5. Chicken Salad

1. Spaghetti with above noodles
2. Breakfast -Flax pancakes, sausage
3. Breakfast - Omelet w/Cheese & Celery
4. Cheeseburger on Rev. Roll / Green Bean Fries
5. Baked Pork steak w/cauliflower French onion dip
6. Breakfast - Loop Sausage w/ Scrambled eggs
7. Taco's (Maybe) ???
8. Hot dogs /Medley Vegs with Cheese Wiz (Fast easy meal) 

Lets see how well I stick with this. Notice I did not put what day I would have what, as I never know what I'm in the mood for. My Father-in-law is in the hospital so I hope having it all planned out will help.

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