04-02-2010 Friday

I'm feeling the need to ....... I don't even know. I have another infection. This time on my eye lid. I stayed home from work today because I look like a monster. Went to the doctor, gave me another round of antibiotic. I've been better since I was in the hospital in Nov/Dec. I was put on IV Vancomycin treatments for 30 days after leaving the hospital. But I'm still having outbreaks. I've been tested many times for MRSA. I don't have MRSA. I have Staphylococcus aureus which is EVERYWHERE on EVERYONE. But for some reason (probably due to the diabetes) my body isn't fighting it the way it should. It seems to be fighting them better lately. This is the first round of antibiotics since the hospital stay. So that is something I guess. I really wish I knew the cause. I went through another tough patch of insomnia lately. Did I get my resistance down? Some people believe it's hormonal. I just ended my female cycle. Could it be that? I looked on the Internet and some people believe its in the toxic rain. It did rain here a few days ago and I was out in it. Is it that? Who knows, Lord knows I don't.

I really need to find my way back to low carbing. Been thinking about just writing a menu for myself and just following that over and over until I get back on track. I've done really well today so far, so now is the best time to start.

I've also joined several walking marathons and several Relay for Life events this year to keep myself moving. First one is next Saturday. I'm waiting for the Hubby to wake and I'm gonna talk him into doing a 3 mile walk with me today.

Hope everyone is doing great. I will make my way around to 'see' how all is doing. :)


Harry/JP said...

Hey stranger! Great to hear from you. Though I'm sorry to know of this new challenge.

I won't claim to know the solution to your infection issues. But I think getting a consistent handle on your diet should help. Speaking of which, have you heard David Edelman's recent interview with Dr. Richard Bernstein? If not, that might be worth a listen/read:


I hope you and your loved ones are having a joyful Easter. My best to you all.

NewVision said...

Hey back at ya!

Nice to see you are still around. How are you and your wife? Good, I hope.

Thank you for the link, I will be checking into it soon.