08-16-09 Sunday

B-3 coffee HC AS CO

2 spicy sausage
2 Healthy Life LC toast

1 c apple jacks (dry)
20 black cherries
1/2 slice homemade bread

1 slice homemade bread
20 black cherries
1 SF ice cream bar

2 cups spaghetti sauce w/meat
20 black cherries
6 ritz w/peanut butter
DanActive lite


Vadim said...

Hi Jo, long time no talk! I have been going through some rouph times recently. I just read about your recent argument about low cabr with a friend of yours. I do honestly believe that mediterinean version of lower carb is probably a way to go diabetics or not. Not that I dont believe in saturated fat but I personally feel much better on fish and lean meats along good vegetables and some carbs. But you must listen to your body and expirement. There is no better teacher than your own body. After all doctors used to tell patiens that cigarettes are good for them years ago. And dietitians, please give me a break! They know as much as the next person and I generally find in life the more the person claims to be right the less they end up being right!

Harry said...

Flowers? What's the occasion? :-)

Hope you're feeling better, Jo!

Erika said...

Vadim is absolutely right about your body being the best teacher.

Hope you're smiling again :)

anne h said...

Hello again! Yummy...peanut butter....

Harry/JP said...

Hey! Where'd you go?

Hope to see you 'round these parts again soon.

Please take good care. :-)

NewVision said...

Hey Harry,
Thanks for worrying. I posted an update on the blog.
Hope to catch up soon.