08-04-2009 Tuesday

Still have issues with my computer. I'm posting this from work. I'm hoping to be up and running soon.
I'm still keeping track of all menus.

Edited to add:
2 coffee HC CO
2 eggs
1 Healthy life Toast w/butter

L- (12pm)
Chicken Fajitas onion peppers (no tortillas)
25 chips w/salsa

3 sm bowls Captain Crunch cereal
chips w/sour cream

SN- (9pm)
sm fries


anne h said...

The secondary blogger's club is entitled "trouble with windows..." must be goin' around.

Harry said...

Sending trouble shooting vibes in your computers general direction.

Demons be gone!!! Heal thyself, you mischievous machine!!!

Erika said...

Great work keeping up your diaries while you are having tech probs. Looking forward to your return soon :)

I wanna find out just how nice those scales of yours have been! lol