08-02-09 Sunday

Still having computer issues. We have found some bugs, worms etc. I may have to reformat the whole thing. Shoot.

Edited to add menu:
B- 3 coffee
2 Healthy life bread w/1 egg SF syrup peanut butter
2 spicy sausage patties

L-2 double cheeseburgers
1 bread stick w/cheese
salad w/ 1000 dressing

D- 1 pork chop w/ catchup
3 slices healthy life bread w/ gravy
2 slices zucchini bread
3 cookies


anne h said...

I am a "good" Mac user....I use a clam x to keep from bringin' it to my blogger peeps...
Sorry for your down time....drats!

Erika said...

Look forward to your return in full health - it's a bugger I know. Been there too.