05-27-09 Wednesday

B-2 coffee

L- 2 Healthy Life bread
peanut butter
SF Jelly
small bag doritos
1 kitkat bar

D- chuck steak w/ catchup
cauliflower w/ sour cream and butter

SN- chips



jo said...

I'm worried you're eating enough!

Harry said...

I hope you're doing okay, Jo.

Just felt like dropping in and sending over a shout out. :-)

My best to you.

NewVision said...

Hey Jo,
Thanks for worrying. I'm definitely eating enough. WAY TOO MUCH and of course not Low Carb. I've just been struggling to stay on track. Seems like I have trouble concentrating on more than one thing at a time. I'll get back on track soon. Thanks again.

Sorry I haven't been making my rounds lately. I'm doing ok, just still struggling. Thanks for the shout out. :)