02-27-2009 Friday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS (only 1 w/ CO)

L-2 LC Healthy Life toast w/butter
2 slices turkey ham w/mayo
1 oz cheese

D-Local Restaurant
8 oz steak w/catchup, teriyaki chicken w/cabbage,
sm salad w/egg, cheese, cukes, bacon, ranch,
2 crab Rangoon,

SN- SF Tang/2 T flax seed


No walk today either. I will be walking tomorrow for sure.

Yea, I get to update my Weekly Weigh In page this week with a loss. Nothing for a whole month then 4 pounds all at once. I lost 4 pounds all at once last month too. It was my TOM week both this month and last. Odd huh?

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Harry said...

Almost makes me want a TOM. Not! :)

I don't know why your weight loss pattern has been that way. Hormones are often a mystery. But, I do know that you've been doing a lot of positive things - eating well and exercising. I applaud you for that and I congratulate you on your success! :) Keep it up!