12-20-08 Saturday

(1 a.m. -low sugar) 6 saltines w/butter
1 oz walnuts

B- 1 c. coffee HC CO AS

L-McDouble (only the bottom bun, another low sugar)
4 saltines w/country crock
2 oz walnuts

D-Round steak cooked in mushroom soup
Mashed cauliflower w/ mushroom soup gravy
1/3 c corn w/ country crock
2 LC Healthy Life bread w/ country crock & jelly

SN- 2 LC Healthy Life bread w/ country crock & jelly (Low sugar)

I have discovered that........
Before I finish the line from above. I must tell you the story behind it.
Woke this morning CRAVING a McDonald's sausage-cheese biscuit, its on the dollar menu.( I know I'm a cheap date. ) We had to do some traveling this morning, so it was up early for us. I REALLY wanted to go to McDonalds. We drove for over 4 hours today. Everytime I turned around we were driving by a McDonalds. They just kept popping up, taunting me with their big yellow 'M' in the sky. That's when it hit me. I have discovered that ALL roads REALLY do lead to McDonalds. They're everywhere!!!
I was so glad to see 10:30 a.m. come. (That's when McDonalds stops serving breakfast. LOL) So we hit it for lunch to have one of their McDoubles. Which is 2 hamburger patties with 1 slice of cheese. Also on their dollar menu. LOL

As you can see I was having trouble with my glucose readings today. It kept dropping on me. I took my insulin as directed by my doctor. Knowing I was going to be sitting for 4 or more hours with no form of exercise in the car, I took a little more (at the dr.'s suggestion).

EDIT: I wrote all the above BEFORE dinner last night. After eating dinner and taking my meds, I had yet another dropping episode with my sugar. This time it dropped so fast I got sick and passed out. I've NEVER EVER done that before. Scared the @#$& out of my son and Hubby. Thank GOD they were here. I have ALWAYS schooled them on what to do. I'm so proud of my son he just jumped right in there done what needed to be done, not panicking.
I will be calling the doctor on Monday morning. I'm not sure what is causing this. I'm following her orders to the letter. Remember a few weeks ago, I called her and see took a look at my menus through my blog? (which I still think is cool) I even went to see her again last Monday.

I've been a diabetic for 11 years. I had
Gestational Diabetes while I was pregnant with my son 20 years ago. (Aging myself there, Ooops) My Dad, both brothers, Aunt and 2 brother -in-laws all had/have diabetes. So it's not like I haven't dealt with it before. When I dropped the weight (only down to 230 then) before I did not have these issues.

The bad thing about all this is, it has made me afraid to take my medicine.


bayoubabe said...

A Mc Double sounds good. I've been reading other low carb blogs today and you are NOT the only one giving into tempations recently, including MYSELF :)

You are in our thoughts and prayers.


NewVision said...

Thanks bayoubabe!