11-28-08 Friday /11-29-08 Saturday

11-29-08 Saturday

B- 2 c. coffee HC CO AS one w/cocoa ~new experiment with the cocoa
4 Ritz w/butter

L-made a 2 egg, 1 sausage patty, 1/4 c cheddar omelet, I ate 3/4 of it
2 slices Healthy Life LC bread toasted w/ butter

D-1 skinless chicken breast, fried -dipped in mayo
1/2 cup Mock potato salad
salad w/tomatoes, cukes, cheese, 1/2 egg, bacon and ranch

SN-2 oz peanuts
2 scoops LC ice cream

Well, tried the cocoa in my coffee this morning. I only used 1 t. not sure how much I should have used. It was good. Felt like I was treating myself. As for feeling any different, I didn't notice anything different. I was hungry today, I'm sure it was all the carbs talking. So I tried to go high on my fat intake.

11-28-08 Friday

B- McDonalds -2 sausage biscuits w/ 1 slice cheese each
2 hash browns

L- McDonalds -2 double hamburgers w/ 1 slice cheese each
1 small order fries w/ catchup

D- 1 chicken breast w/ breading
side salad w/ cheese, tomatoes, cukes, bacon, ranch
3 potatoe wedges w/catchup
2 T. coleslaw
1 bite of hubbys pumpkin pie

WT= didn't weigh as I was up at 4am Christmas shopping. (yes, I fought the crowds :) )
My 2nd scheduled day off plan. Back to normal tomorrow !


Harry said...

Good day, NewVision.

Those past few days looked like fun!

What did you think of the cocoa addition to your morning coffee-drink?

Did it make you feel any different? More satiated or less? More energetic or less? Any mood lifting effect?

I hope you're finding success getting back to your LC menu today.

Have a lovely day!

Erika said...

What in the world is a sausage egg biscuit? lol

Not so good eating lately, how are you coping with this? I know I'd be feeling terrible physically. How does your body react?

Back on plan tomorrow?

NewVision said...

Harry, I'm not sure if I felt anything. I only put 1 t. in it. How much should I have put in? It was very tasty. What did you think?

Erika, Yeah, I made a decision to go off plan for the last couple of days. I just need a break. I can't explain it, I just needed to NOT worry about food for a few days. I'm back on today (Saturday). I feel swelled and my joints hurt. So I'm paying for it. I just up the water and the fat to get things back to 'normal'.
A sauage egg biscuit is something I get from McDonalds. a biscuit with one sauage patty, one egg and one slice of cheese. It's a sandwich. I'm glad you posted this cause it made me realize I got mine without the egg that day. I edited the post, so thanks!!!